May 9, 2012


Wound Care Swagger

By: Nancy Morgan, RN, BSN, MBA, WOCN, WCC, CWCMS, DWC

I was thrilled to be asked to write a blog for Wound Care Advisor. They asked me to come up with a name for the blog. I thought it would be easy… NOT ! I found myself doing all this research on how to make up a good name that would be catchy and memorable. I reached out to all my wound care friends for ideas and started a long list of names. Every morning I would look at this list and add more. Then I said I had to STOP THE INSANITY! I had to refocus and asked myself… who are you writing the blog for? It’s for people like me! I am a nurse that is in love with wound care, I have been in this field for almost two decades—ouch! that just dated me. I started at bedside then moved to an educator role co-founding the Wound Care Education Institute where we have taught over 16,000 clinicians, spreading the knowledge of Wound Care so they can make a difference in their patients’ lives. I am that person that “gets the rush” every time I see a wound.

It took me years to feel confident as a wound care clinician even after I got certified. Yeah, it was great to pass the test but it took time and experience for me to feel that I was “on game”. I would travel around with all my wound care books in the trunk of my car double checking on things and being obsessed by making sure I was doing everything just right. It’s normal, I am human…..and it takes time to get the “Swagger”.

Ah, that is it…its “Swagger” That’s the name for the blog…swagger, which means, confidence, comfortable with yourself, maybe even a little sassy! I like it…..its trendy with a little bit of edge to it.

Maybe you have some “Wound Care Swagger” too?

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DISCLAIMER: All clinical recommendations are intended to assist with determining the appropriate wound therapy for the patient. Responsibility for final decisions and actions related to care of specific patients shall remain the obligation of the institution, its staff, and the patients’ attending physicians. Nothing in this information shall be deemed to constitute the providing of medical care or the diagnosis of any medical condition. Individuals should contact their healthcare providers for medical-related information.


45 thoughts on “Wound Care Swagger”

  1. mohhamed says:

    Hi, I want to kow if we can use hydrogel and antimicrobial dressings at the same time .
    Thank you.

    1. Nancy Morgan says:

      Hydrogels are used to donate moisture to the wound. Antimicrobial dressings are needed to address issues of bioburden in wounds. The best way to deliver both therapies to the wound is using a product the contains both. There are many gels on the market that are formulated to both donate moisture and address bioburden with the addition of silver to the product. The only way to know if you can use two separate products together is to read the package inserts and instructions for use for both products. Do they both require to be used as the primary dressing – the dressing that is in direct contact with the wound? How could you accomplish this? Are there any studies that say these 2 products can be used together without decreasing the effectiveness of either? Are there any contraindications for the use of one or the other in combination? To make this easier, it is often easier to use a product that is developed with both issues addressed in one FDA approved product.

      I hope this helps.
      Here is a few links for products for ideas:

  2. Sara says:

    Hi dear officer
    Im a general surgeon and one of my pt after split thickness graft has hypergranulation tissue in donor site and some part of his recipient . I’m interstated to know if I can use align ate dressing in this 6 years old pt
    I really appreciate it

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